What we stand for and what we believe makes us a different pick of specialty coffee. Lionhead Beans was established out of pure passion but the drive to champion change has seen us purvey single-origin beans from only the most sustainable farms globally. On top of ensuring you sip only the best brew, we are on the pathway of empowering those who preserve the value of the specialty coffee ecosystem. 

When you pick Lionhead Beans, you choose to support a cause.


As specialty coffee is seasonal and very limited in quantity, the availability of what we offer can differ from time to time. Herein lies the beauty of experience as you would be able to tantalise your palette to a range of flavours.

From earthy notes to fruity hints to floral cues, the hints of the coffee range is so diverse that it is often said to be a celebration to your taste buds. 

One thing for sure is, we freshy roast the beans only after we receive your order, assuring we deliver fresh to your doorstep anywhere you are in the world!