Beginners Guide to Specialty Coffee at home

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Are you a beginner when it comes to a Specialty Coffee? Do not worry! We have got your back. If you are looking for the easiest way to enjoy the highest quality coffee, just like in coffee shops at the convenience of your kitchen, it is possible. As a Beginner to enjoy Specialty Coffee, you do not need much! 

Having following items in your kitchen, will help you to extract highest quality of coffee you have ever dreamed of!

  1. a. French Press or b. Hario V60 or c. Bialetti Espresso Maker d. Bodum Pour Over
  2. Coffee Grinder
  3. Coffee Beans
  4. Kettle (I am sure you already have a pot in your kitchen if not you can take a look at this one here)
  5. Coffee Scale (with scale and timer)

Preparation time frame: 4 minutes

French Press

Do you think you are using your French Press correctly? If you are not sure, you may as well look at the detailed steps on how to use French Press here

As a beginner specialty coffee lover, you can start here with the given coffee accessories. If you want to go deeper into extracting the best coffee, click here and find out (blog post coming soon). It is more advanced, and yet the preparation time frame is under 3 minutes. 

Coffee Grinders

Different types of coffee grinders out there in the market; it is all about your budget and your interest. The products that we sell in our shop are all high-quality professional coffee-related accessories. We do not offer advice to you to go for cheaper products, but that is your call. 

Here is detailed information about getting the best coffee grinder that suits you:

  1. Manual Grinder If you are healthy, powerful when it comes to hands strength and do not mind, enjoy grinding the beans manually (not recommended for girls), this could be an option for you. 
  2. Automatic Grinder you can choose 1. Grinder for travel easy - if you travel you can easily take it with you or 2. Grinder for kitchen - just keep in your kitchen, and you can grind a good quantity amount of Coffee Beans for guests, or for your big family.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans differ in tastes, and tastes differ depending on where those Coffee Beans come from. When you compare wine to coffee, the coffee-making process is much more complex and much more artistic starting from the way it has been harvested, to you having it in your cup. You do not want to drink a coffee that is one year old, maybe even not more than three months old. Specialty Coffee is famous for its Aromas and Taste Qualities, which live up to 3 months. We roast a small batch of coffee beans to serve our clients with the best delicious coffee. 

Another fact that you MUST KNOW about coffee is, you must grind your beans right after your water boils, and you are ready to brew it. 

FUN FACT: Freshly Ground Coffee lives only 15 minutes, and after 15 minutes, the coffee loses its 60% quality. 

We advise you to try Coffees from different Countries and farms to discover what Origin is your Favorite. 

Single Origin meaning - when coffee comes from only one country, for example, Brazil, and the from one farm, it is considered a Single Origin Coffee. 

Blend/House Blend Coffee meaning - multiple origins of coffee beans and a small amount of Robusta coffee beans mixture roasted by a coffee roaster specialist to achieve a certain kind of taste. 

Specialty Coffee is believed to be from Single Origin Coffee (All coffees are roasted only by Coffee roasters).

Coffee Kettle

Now you might think what is so important about a Coffee Kettle. A coffee kettle has that special tip for pouring water precisely over the ground coffee, and the stainless steel is superb for boiling. Slow and precise pouring ensures even saturation and prolonged extraction.

I hope we explained precisely enough for you in the shortest way we could. If you have any questions, please ask away. As soon as we have a video related to this blog, we will share it here. 



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