How to prepare Specialty Coffee with French Press

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Specialty Coffee with French Press

Our coffee selection is grown in the best farms, where the experts and scientists have worked the best formula for the coffee that you can enjoy today. Carefully roasted by talented and experienced coffee Roasters, our coffee is uniquely available only through this store.

If you would like to enjoy the Premium Quality - Specialty Coffee in the best way is by preparing it freshly at home meaning - by grinding it just before brewing your coffee. Wait! don't be too fast judge yet!

For a basic Specialty Coffee all you need is:

  1. A grinder (preferably electric to grind beans fast. Coarse Ground)

(Grinders have options from Coarse - Medium to Fine Grind. And French Press is best with Coarse Ground Coffee)

  1. French Press
  2. Coffee Beans

How to prepare Specialty Coffee using French Press:

  1. First boil the water as it takes around 25 seconds
  2. After water boils (let it sit 10 seconds), grind 8g (light flavor) -15g (rich flavor) of coffee beans

(15g for 1 cup of coffee / 25g for 2 cups)

  1. Rinse off your French Press with a hot water
  2. Place ground coffee in French Press
  3. Pour-over hot water into French press just until it covers the coffee and wait 30sec for it to soak in and bloom (recommended: use filtered or bottled water)
  4. Continue pouring the water (250g)
  5. Mix with a spoon
  6. Wait 4 minutes before you press the plunger down.
  7. Press the plunger and pour it to your cup
  8. Finally enjoy your Cup of Coffee that is filled with love and get ready for a day full of adventures.


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