The contribution of women in today’s society has become increasingly inspiring. While the scales of equality haven't become level yet, there is no denying that we are roaring louder day by day.

The Caffeine & Women Collection (CAW Collection) features unique and bold characters of women in a coffee-based setting to celebrate the women in the industry. The collection will come in 3 very distinct styles with a total supply of 10,000 pieces.


The rarest version of the CAW Collection, these 100 pieces of Tapestry CAW NFTs come with actual one-off handcrafted tapestry by Kashmiri women artisans. Brought by Chikara Global, an initiative powered by women, these high quality and highly rare tapestry will be produced exactly to the minted NFT. The entire process of producing the piece will be documented and shared with the NFT owner giving it truly personal touch.

Physical dimensions:

100cm x 100cm

70cm x 100cm

80cm x 40cm


The Canvas CAW Collection will feature hand-painted one-off masterpieces that will come along with the NFTs. Each of the painting is produced by up and coming women artists from around the globe who had been carefully selected by a panel of artists together with the Team from LHB. The Canvas CAW Collection will carry the signature styles of the individual artist yet share the common theme of the project.

Physical dimensions:

100cm x 100cm

70cm x 100cm

80cm x 40cm


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Our focus is always on providing unique experiences to our community. That is is why, we remain open to any individual or organization who wish to collaborate with us. Be it from Web3, IRL events to fashion, music or art proposals we are ready for any ideas and assistance that will help grow and benefit our community. This together with our partner brands can only result in the creation of a thriving and empowering environment for all.


Every Lionhead is important to the CAW community. For the ones that go a little above and beyond, we would extend our appreciation by making them a part of our whitelist which comes with an allocated percentage that benefits all.



Mint NFT of Tapestry Design → One-off crafted tapestry is produced → Completed masterpiece delivered to NFT owner


Mint NFT of Art piece → Hand-painted canvas masterpiece delivered to NFT owner


Owning the CAW Collection makes you a Lionhead and with it comes the following unapologetic perks:

  • Ultra rare NFTs with actual physical pieces
  • 1 kg high grade specialty coffee beans from Lionhead Beans
  • Special discount on repeat purchase from Lionhead Beans
  • Exclusivity for Reserve Batches of specialty beans
  • Cryptocurrency transaction on
  • NFTs displayed at Lionhead Metaverse Gallery with credit to owners
  • Access to coffee entrepreneurship programs, art seminars, workshops and collaborations
  • Access to new drops at special rates
  • Virtual and “live” coffee tasting sessions
  • Networking events, where you get to meet the founders and the team of Lionhead Beans
  • Collaboration opportunities for start-ups within the CAW community
  • Access to retreat in Kashmir
  • Coffee Farm Tour and Retreat in Colombia


Every purchase has a purpose. When a CAW NFT is minted, the artist who produced the piece will be fully reimbursed for their creation on top of receiving royalties for them.  The essence of LHB’s stand towards fair trade in the coffee business continues even with the CAW Movement.

Besides your support towards the artist of the CAW Collection, the allocated percentage towards various initiatives that support the empowerment of women will also be on the courtesy of your minting.


Every Lionhead is important to the CAW community. For the ones that go a little above and beyond, we would extend our appreciation by making them a part of our whitelist which comes with an allocated percentage that benefits all.


Phase I Summer

Curation of artisans and artists

CAW website official launch

Production of art commences

Premint of Tapestry CAWs from Kashmiri artisans

Shipping and delivery of physical tapestry and 1kg Lionhead Beans Specialty coffee to NFT owner

Minting on three main Marketplaces: Foundation, DigitalEyes, Makersplace

IRL soft launch

IRL Specialty Coffee tasting event with coffee connoisseurs

Brand Collaborations

Percentage allocation of net sales profits to International Women’s Coffee Alliance

Phase II Autumn

Deployment of Web3 talent-support

Premint of Canvas CAWs from curated artists

Public Sale

Shipping and delivery of physical art piece and 1 kg Lionhead Beans Specialty coffee to NFT owner

Launch of LHB Metaverse Gallery

Entrepreneurial-collaboration with women NFT artists

IRL Launch Party for CAW Community

IRL and Metaverse Specialty Coffee tasting event with coffee connoisseurs

Collaborative NFT projects 

Participation in NFT and ART Events

Merch Drop from LHB’

Special Merch Drop - Therapeutic hoodies for people with Autism custom created by Syrian women refugees

Brand Collaborations

Phase III Winter - In Progress

Specialty Coffee Education for people with Autism leading to employment opportunities

IRL and Metaverse Specialty Coffee Tasting and Coffee Brewing Event with coffee connoisseurs

Production of CAW Coffee Table Book Issue 001

IRL launch event of CAW Coffee Table Book Issue 001

IRL and Metaverse Meet the Team and FAQ Evenings

Brand Collaborations

CAW entering tokenomics



Shirin The Lionhead

Founder of Lionhead Beans and heart behind the CAW Movement

Passion can drive results and bring sustainable change. This is the mantra  of Shirin Van Dort not just on her specialty coffee business but also on the journey of life as well. The inner desire to empower has seen her venture into many fields and along the way, change mindsets on how women should be seen and celebrated.

Shirin wears many hats as she is also an art enthusiast, budding writer, fashion connoisseur and a strong supporter of gender equality.

Sadie The ARTiculator

The project organiser that forges connections and alliances

A Quantity Surveyor on paper but an accomplished artist on canvas, Sadie’s vision on things around her is always zeroed in on the fine details. Constantly on the go and always inquisitive, she has the privilege of seeing her masterpiece grace the wall of the UN Women office and in the Embassy of Malaysia in Abu Dhabi.

Mariam The Empowering

Beacon of goodwill and ambassador of change

Mariam is a family doctor and a well-being advocate. She works with people of different abilities and helps them connect with their strength and be empowered to create change. 

Mariam founded a new women’s collective along with 11 other women business owners,  named Chikara Global with the aim to create a networking and mentorship space using digital solutions and marketing strategies. Several alliances have been forged which includes the collaboration with women artisans from Kashmir. If there’s a milestone to attain, rest assured Mariam would go that extra mile.


Adenosine Triphosphate and Neuron provider

Leslie is an award-winning Executive Creative Director and an advertising veteran. His collection of trophies ranges from the coveted Cannes Lions, D&AD, Clio, New York Festivals, London International Awards, Dubai Lynx and many others from Asia.

In the last 3 decades, he has been inspirational behind many creative campaigns for various international businesses. Along the way he has worked with many inspiring women and firmly believes that everyone and anyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality or socio-economic standings can be result-oriented all the time!