What is the CAW movement all about?

The Caffeine And Women (CAW) Movement is an initiative started by Lionhead Beans (LHB) Specialty Coffee. It’s a women-led project aimed at empowering women artists and artisans, women in the coffee industry and business women startups across the globe either through a charitable cause and through community-based activities.

How do I benefit from being a part of this community?

Besides being a proud owner of a unique NFT which comes with a physical hand-crafted or painted tapestry or painting, you will also gain a host of benefits that are related to specialty coffee from Lionhead Beans. On top of these, you will also have exclusive access to CAW’s special talks, workshops, and collaborations, networking events, virtual and IRL coffee tasting sessions, new drops at special rates, retreats in Kashmir to coffee farm tour in Colombia.

How do I receive my physical piece?

All you need to do is to simply notify us by email your wallet address showing proof of ownership of your CAW NFT along with your delivery address and your contact number. We will verify this with you and proceed to expedite your one-of-its-kind masterpiece. 

After I receive my physical piece, can I resell my NFT without it?

Consider your NFT as the certificate of authenticity for your actual physical piece. Any valuable art requires provenance and we would highly recommend you to keep this into practice to fetch a good value for your NFT and physical piece when you ship them to your new buyer.

Are there limits to what I can do with the art I rightfully own? I mean, I own it right?

The Team from both LHB and CAW will always preserve the purpose and the integrity of the project to protect the interest of the community, the artisans, the artists as well as all those who are associated with the company and the project. We would not and shall not engage in anything that would be deemed prejudicial to our reputation.

Since I own the NFT can I use the LHB or CAW logos for my own purpose?

Nope. You only own the rights to the NFT you purchased. Therefore the LHB brand and the CAW identity remains the as the property of the developing team. Only we have the right to use our logos, brand name and project name for promotional purposes. If you do intend to use either or both for a worthy cause, please do get in touch with us first to avoid any dispute or confusion.

I am an artist. Can I participate in the CAW movement?

We are always open to collaborate with anyone who shares our mission and our objectives. The best way to become a community member is to be a owner of a CAW Collection NFT. To be a contributor, we recommend you contact the team directly to discuss the possibilities that may be open.

Can I sell my merchandise with the CAW NFT?

While you have the rights to merch your CAW NFT as you please, we would fully support and be grateful to you in crediting our website link into your communication.

Can a brand collaborate with LHB and CAW Movement?

We welcome brand collaborations with open arms. However, we 

would be a little selective on who we work with in order to preserve the brand identity as well as the project's integrity at all times.

I have a café, does Lionhead Beans supply coffee beans?

We absolutely do supply coffee beans for both retail and wholesale purposes as LHB are purveyors of specialty coffee. 

How can I make use of my art or NFT? 

There is so much you can do with your NFT. It can be stored in your wallet and it will be showcased in the LHB/CAW Metaverse Gallery or listed on any marketplace if you’re looking at selling it. The physical art of the NFT is your actual showpiece which you display in your own personal space, home, office or business place. Like any fine art, it’s a centrepiece.

I have a coffee shop, restaurant, gallery, can we invite you to host your events?

We definitely do welcome such invitations as we are a community that is aimed at empowering women from all walks of life. Therefore any generosity towards the cause is well supported and appreciated.

Where else can I mint my CAW Collection NFTs?

As the popularity of NFTs grows, so does the unscrupulous work of hackers. Always visit the official website and navigate through the official links listed. Never mint from any other source.