Panama Geisha Washed Omni Roast Limited Edition Coffee Beans | 1kg

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A flavorful morning pick-me-up!

Always on the hunt for good coffee and found this gem.
The aroma is truly addictive and the flavour has a fruity tone to it.
Highly recommended.

Fatema Ghadiali Raj
Aromatic, Flavourful, Rich, Exotic

While it's brewing itself the aroma of these magical beans already start exciting your sense of smell.
Once this hot brew is poured out in your cup, the richness of its colour tantalizes your sense of sight.
The moment your lips touch the brim of your vessel, these sips of earthy and fruity notes perform a melody for your sense of taste.
All in all, calling it just coffee would be an understatement - it's a delightful masterpiece for all you senses... it's magnificently sensational!

There is a substantial reason, why the fanatics of Panama Geisha coffee would pay the price to indulge themselves for a quality coffee every morning. It delights me to see how demand is growing. So I decided to bring the price of Panama Geisha coffee beans to the lowest I could in order to make it more affordable for most of you out there. Main goal here is to share the best coffee experience with most of you. You deserve a great coffee to wake up to.



Panama Lerida Estate was found by Toleff Boche Monniche in the 1920s and it is one of the oldest coffee farms in Panama. Collins family bought the farm in 1957. The Collins family, and to be more particular, John Collins, played influential role in changing the worldwide perception of coffee in Panama. In early 2000's during Best of Panama competitions, the Lerida Estate set the merit for what coffee in Panama can taste like. This were the days before the famous Geisha variety was found in Panama.


Intense floral, jasmine aroma, delicate acidity, creamy body, long aftertaste of berries & bergamot-like notes


Origin: Panama

Region: Boquete, Chiriquí

Farm: Esplendorosa Estate

Altitude: 1,600 - 1,800 m

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Washed

Roast: Omni Roast

Recommended Brewing: 1. V60 Filter 2. Espresso

1. V60 Filter

Dose: 17g

Yield: 255g

Grind Size: Medium Coarse

Water Temp: 90-91 C

Brewing Time: 2:15 mins.


2. Espresso

Dose: 18g

Yield: 40g

Grind Size: Fine

Water Temp: 93 C

Brewing Time: 28-30 sec.


What Makes Gesha Coffee So Great?

Put simply – you won’t find a coffee on the face of the earth with a more diverse and enchanting flavour profile. Depending on where exactly the beans were grown and the methods by which they were cultivated, you could be looking at spectacular differences in the most prominent flavours. For example, some people report tasting pronounced notes of mango, berry, guava, citrus, papaya, peach, jasmine and pineapple. A predominantly sweet and fruity experience in all instances, but nonetheless a potentially different experience every time. Hence, why Panama geisha coffee beans are the kinds of beans you can keep on discovering and experimenting with indefinitely.

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